WalkingPad Partner Program

WalkingPad is one of the innovative fitness equipment manufacturers based in China. Till now, 300,000 units have been sold. And the number is still counting. WalkingPad provides under desk exercise and home gym workouts for customers using the fragmented time of their daily lives. We're willing to help them improve and maintain their life fitness through light exercise with beautifully engineered minimalist designed products.

As a fitness equipment wholesaler, we are looking for value-added resellers worldwide who are geared to provide exercise machines for home and office use to customers. We hope through this partnership, our partners can gain more visibility, business growth and customer base with our innovative products.

Why Join WalkingPad Partner Program?

The goal of our partnership program is to introduce WalkinPad to new customers through our fitness equipment wholesale distributors. Compared with other wholesale fitness equipment suppliers, the benefits of this program include:

  • Competitive Bulk Pricing

We will provide you with our lowest wholesale pricing, which allows you to maximize your profits.

  • Professional Technical Support

We provide you with professional technical consulting from owner manuals to troubleshooting.

  • Licensed, Insured and Trusted Products

All of our products have legal certifications (i.e. FCC, CE certificate) that meet the requirements of local governments.

  • Dedicated Customer Service

You’ll get a response from our project managers within 24 Business Hours.

  • Superior Warranty Coverage

We offer a 6-month Parts and Service Warranty on all our fitness equipment. Most companies offer half the coverage we provide.

  • US/Russian/European Warehouse & Service Center

Our goods are located in US/Russian/European warehouses, local distribution included. The US warehouses cover eastern and western America. The European warehouses cover all countries in Europe. Also, we're building cooperation with local repair and service centers in these areas, in order to bring distributors and our clients a better experience and care-free after-sales service.

Who Are We Looking For?

If you are a fitness equipment distributor, and you:

  • Own a legal business and have a business license, federal identification number, and resale tax certificate.

  • Have a warehouse, showroom or storefront for wholesale distribution (We do have US/Russian/European warehouses, but if you have your own that is closer to your customers, it would be better).

  • Have enough cash flow to purchase sufficient inventory.

  • Have a business plan, a distribution or an effective marketing strategy to distribute the products.

then you are the one we are looking for! Please send us an email. Upon review and approval by our team, we will contact you as soon as possible to discuss further.

As a fitness equipment distributor, are you looking for a trustworthy manufacturer? Would you like to gain more profits without a middleman?

Join the WalkingPad Partner Program now!