WalkingPad A1
WalkingPad A1
WalkingPad A1
WalkingPad A1
WalkingPad A1
WalkingPad A1
WalkingPad A1
WalkingPad A1

WalkingPad A1

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WalkingPad A1 gives you a new way to enjoy sports

Traditional fitness equipment occupies a lot of home space, whether you have a small or big apartment, you simply don’t want a treadmill that takes too much space.
Storing WalkingPad never becomes a burden the way that bulkier exercise equipment can be.

Put the WalkingPad A1 at home or in the office, you can walk at any time, any weather, any place, fast or slow, enjoy rest and quiet walking without leaving home!

  • Folding design patent, less than half a square meter
  • Noise reduction does not disturb, enjoy a quiet moment of exercise.
  • Footstep Speed control sensor, foot feel more comfortable.
  • Worry-free installation, Easy start without installation.

WalkingPad A1 convinces with a design that has been specifically designed for training at home. It is easy to use and quickly stowed away

WalkingPad's unique product design revolutionizes the traditional steel frame structure to create a fresh and brand new look. It utilizes IML surface processing to create a metallic finish front panel to complete the matte body surface. These modern design elements help the WalkingPad blend seamlessly into your home’s décor.

walkingpad a1

Manual and Automatic

WalkingPad has two exercise modes - M, manual mode, and A, automatic mode. As a beginner, you can use the remote control to operate WalkingPad in manual mode. As a seasoned exerciser, you can control the speed through our patented Adaptive Speed Control system. In this mode, you walk at your own desired pace and WalkingPad can adapt its speed to suit you.

Multiple Security Protection and Visualized Walking Data

When Off - Clean as a metal slate, When On - Clear as a dashboard

WalkingPad features a simple and clean minimalist design. The LED display is embedded behind the low transmittance ABS panel’s surface. The panel looks completely bare when WalkingPad is turned off. The light has a crystal clear glow when WalkingPad is turned on. With the child lock protection, overload protection, auto standby, and novice speed limit functions, you can rest assured to use this WalkingPad. By connecting with the WalkingPad APP or through the LED light on the dashboard, you can see the data for each walk, it quantifies and urges you to exercise.

Adaptive Speed Control 

With the help of pressure sensors embedded in the WalkingPad base, the patented Adaptive Speed Control technology can precisely measure the user‘s preferred speed. Through sensing different foot drops and posture changes, WalkingPad adapts immediately with acceleration, deceleration, or constant steady speed, it ultimately liberates your hands and offers a truly free exercise.

walkingpad a1

Control your WalkingPad as easy as operating a TV

In Manual mode, you can operate WalkingPad with the remote control. This includes all necessary functions such as toggling mode, acceleration, and deceleration. It helps beginners to familiarize themselves with WalkingPad and use it safely, conveniently, and efficiently.


A comfortable walking experience

WalkingPad offers an elastic and comfortable low impact running surface with a strong grip. It is like a plastic runway that protects your joints. The high-density fiberboard walking deck carries a layer of cushioning soft gel which is also extremely smooth, providing a comfortable walking feeling for you to continue walking without the slightest setback.

walkingpad a1

Lightweight, strong construction

WalkingPad frame structure is composed of aluminum alloy to maximize its integrity, capacity, and endurance. Aluminum alloy is incredibly strong but also lightweight. Our choice of material allows WalkingPad to be easy to move and store.

  • 28 KG / 62 LBS NET WEIGHT

walkingpad a1


Just 57mm / 2.24 in from the ground An ultra-thin, compact design that maximizes safety PC minimizes noise.


    WalkingPad A1 User manual



    Product Name:Kingsmith WalkingPad A1
    Working Dimensions:1432 x 547 * 129mm / 56.5” x 21.5”x5”
    Folded Dimensions:822 x 547 * 129mm / 32.5” * 21.5”x5”
    Walking Surface:1200 x 415mm / 47” * 16.5”
    Gross Weight:31kg / 68 lbs
    Net Weight:28kg / 62 lbs
    Maximum Capacity:100kg / 220 lbs
    Minimum Speed:0.5km/h / 0.3mph
    Maximum Speed:6.0km/h / 3.75mph
    Mode:Standby, Manual, Automatic

    Parts List:

    Note: since international Shipping carriers forbid to ship goods with batteries, we have to remove the battery from the remote control, the number of battery is CR2032, please understand and pay attention.

    WalkingPad A1
    WalkingPad A1
    WalkingPad A1
    WalkingPad A1
    WalkingPad A1