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WalkingPad is a Xiaomi ecological chain enterprise, which is mainly engaged in walking machines and treadmill products. All products have features such as automatic speed foot sensor, simple design, folding patent, sports APP, and free-installation design.

The life concept of lightweight sports creates a new category of smart home fitness so that users can enjoy a quality life of healthy exercise at home.

Products and services 

All products have features such as automatic speed foot sensor, simple and smart design, folding patent, sports APP, and free-installation.
The life concept of lightweight sports creates a new fitness category of smart home fitness so that users can enjoy a quality life of healthy exercise at home.

WalkingPad products adopt a simple and technological design, the traditional frame structure, create a new product shape, and are equipped with advanced IML exquisite manufacturing technology, presenting an extraordinary metal texture. The display adopts a full-body LED dot matrix design, which can greatly improve the light transmittance and clarity, and movement data can be clearly read no matter what angle it is viewed from. In addition, all WalkingPad products have a patented design for folding in half, and the folded area is less than half a square meter, making the product smaller, thinner, and more space-saving.

WalkingPad A1

Walkingpad A1 walking machine is equipped with a breakthrough speed control technology that puts high-precision sensors in the walking machine, High-precision pressure sensor, fast data feedback, automatic mode (A), automatic start and stop, automatic acceleration, automatic deceleration.
The user can realize the function of start and stop without manual operation, and the speed value of the walking machine can be adjusted freely with the change of position.
It can be folded in half, which is convenient and does not occupy any space like other treadmills.


WalkingPad R1 Pro

WalkingPad R1 Pro treadmill can be folded in half, which is the true folding product concept. the patented 180-degree folding design, upright storage saves more space:

  • Simple and smart design
  • Multi-scene sports experience
  • Equipped with brush less lowering Noisy motor, enjoy a quiet moment of exercise:
  • Connect to WalkingPad Fit sports App to get a customized fitness plan


    WalkingPad A1 Pro

    A1 Pro focuses on the product concept of staying at home and walking quietly.

    • Equipped with a noise-reducing brushless motor, less than 65 decibels
    • Quiet black design, pleasing and not eye-catching
    • Fold patented design, easy storage in a small space
    • Automatic foot control speed, quick response, and free speed change
    • Option handrail can be purchase separately
    • worry-free and installation-free design, simple and convenient to use out of the box.


      Core technologies

      Noise reduction brushless motor, lock noise, and release power

      All WalkingPad products are equipped with a high-efficiency noise reduction brushless motor, which has a stronger ability to suppress noise during exercise, significantly improves the load-bearing capacity of the walkingpad, and has passed a long-term running test, and the durability and stability have been obtained lifted.

      Aluminum alloy frame, durable and long life

      All WalkingPad products use lightweight aluminum alloy as the frame structure, which greatly reduces the weight of the whole machine, while the overall stability and durability are significantly improved. The seemingly thin shape is more durable and stronger.

      Comfortable foot sensor, derived from layers of optimization

      In order to improve the feeling of the foot during the run, we made the sports platform comfortable for users when exercising.
      Wear-resistant and non-slip running belt
      EVA soft layer with cushioning effect
      Smooth layer with a low friction coefficient
      Sturdy and durable high-density fiberboard, making WalkingPad R1 have an excellent running experience.

      High-brightness transparent LED panel

      Whether in the early morning, noon, or night, the high-contrast visual effect makes the data display clear.

      Superb IML craftsmanship, extraordinary metal texture

      Some models adopt the exquisite craftsmanship of the advanced industry, and apply the high-precision IML injection molding technology equivalent to mobile phones, showing an extraordinary metal texture, and comprehensively improving the sensory experience of the athletes.

      Low and thin platform design, safer and more noise reduction

      In order to make it more convenient and safer for exercisers, we designed the height of the sports platform to be lower. At the same time, the space between the fuselage and the ground was greatly compressed, and the noise during exercise was lower.

      Handheld remote control

      The seemingly simple remote control has gone through hundreds of thousands of hand-model optimizations to get the exquisite and simple shape now. It is cleverly combined with the soft lanyard, and it is not easy to fall off for a long time.

      Powerful sports APP with multiple personality functions

      All products of WalkingPad can be connected to WalkingPad APP, and the products can be controlled through APP, such as start, stop, acceleration, deceleration, mode switching, etc., and real-time exercise data and historical data can be viewed. In addition, rich sports courses, regular online activities, professional sports knowledge, and other content are included.


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